Babies ‘R’ Us Shopping Challenge

Did someone say Shopping Challenge?… As soon as I received an email asking if I wanted to partake in that challenge, I’m not sure if I could have registered myself fast enough! And to my surprise, I had been chosen!

So the challenge was run by Babyology and it involved being sent a $200 Babies ‘R’ Us voucher and had to purchase from 3 of 4 categories given to us, something for; sleeping,  feeding, traveling and something for mum & dad. And share our purchases on our social media!

Being already on my 3rd baby & still having a lot of hand-me-downs from Jackson, we weren’t too sure what to get but once we were there, we actually got a lot of little things to help us, for both Jackson & Jenson!

We had stocked up on some new toys for Jenson, some accessories for the car and the pram and also sippy cups for trying to wean Jackson off the bottle & feeding essentials, for both home & in the laws place, as the kids spend a lot of their time there too. This challenge had honestly saved us a lot and opened us up to opportunities to trying out new brands and products we hadn’t used beforehand.

A big Thank You to Babyology and Babies ‘R’ Us Australia for this opportunity and to many more in future!


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